March 19, 2012

Zara flagshipstore 5th Avenue - New York

Last week Zara opened their gigantic flagshipstore on 5th Avenue from 3.000 square metres, making it the biggest Zara store in the U.S!
This shop is completely different, the interior, no stock and 450 employees! I love the black minimalistic interior and the fact that all the collections are arranged by type. This means that the areas are divided into pastels, black outfits, white outfits etc. How convienient is that?!
This will also be the first store where Inditex introduces to pay via your smartphone, your smartphone converted into your creditcard, so 2012!

This flagship opening is the first in Zara's global expansion of a new retail concept. Not only will these new stores create the feeling of an intimate boutique within the context of a larger store but also focuss on features that emphasize sustainability. A process started already 2 years ago in Sydney, Melbourne, Porto, London, Taiwan and in Spain.

This store is expected to consume 30% less energy and 70% less water than conventional stores. They use unique lighting and heating systems like motion detectors inside the store that dim the lights by 80% in areas where no one is present.

However I can't image that, since this store will attract a lot of people! Who doesn't love Zara for their affordable off-catwalk clothes? Well to be honest when you leave with a zillion bags it isn't that affordable or budget anymore! I now it is a good thing for my wallet that this store is located far away in New York.

xoxo Lolita

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