March 5, 2012

Lolita in the mix goes online!

Hello everyone,
I am Lorena a half Dutch half Spanish fashion and lifestyle blogger and based in the south of Holland.

I can't really believe I am actually writing my first post on my OWN blog, it seems so surreal. Especially since it is just since a few months that I have been introduced to this (for me) whole new world online, and I got totally hooked!
I have always been fascinated by fashion and addicted to mostly all Dutch, Spanish and English fashion magazines. They just create the perfect dream world where you can wonder off to just by reading them and looking at all the lovely photo shoots!

I even considered a career in fashion, as I wanted to study Fashion Management after high school. Instead I went to study Hotel Management. Something totally different. I am still happy with this choice, since it gave me the opportunities to get to know the world (I lived a while in Rome and in Suzhou, a city near Shanghai) and most of all to travel, which is another passion of mine. A passion which turned into my work as a Flight Attendant. Besides to joy of discovering new places this job doesn't help a lot if you are a shopaholic!

After being introduced to bloglovin and the ease to follow all these great bloggers and get inspired by their outfits and beautiful pictures, I started browsing through all these poses on my Iphone app Pose and even posed a few outfits of my own. Then I just thought: Why not start blogging myself? So I hope you will enjoy reading/viewing my posts and just be inspired!

So here I go, any questions, ideas or feedback are always welcome!

xoxo Lolita

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