November 25, 2012

Look of the Day "The Girl with the Studded Loafers"

Today I present you a perfect fall outfit. A sunday outfit with great fall colours. This must be one of my favourite printed blazers. I bought it online from ASOS and I still hadn't had a chance to wear it. So it's been waiting for months in my closet. It's colourfull and oversized, perfect to function as the eyecatcher in your outfit! Besides the clutch and the sunnies, all the rest is recently bought. Too bad the quality of the pictures doesn't allow you to see the lovely navy blue coated skinny jeans from zara, love all these coated jeans! I hope you like it, I did!!

{Blazer - Asos s/s '12}
{Faux leather Shirt - Primark a/w '12'13}
{Coated Jeans - Zara a/w '12'13}
{Loafers - Zara a/w '12'13}
{Clutch - Zara old}
{Necklace - Zara a/w '12'13}
{Sunglasses - FrouFrou's s/s '12}

November 23, 2012

{ Nail'spiration }

Happy Friday everyone!! To start off the weekend, I wanted to share some great manicure ideas for the holiday season. Sparkle, sparkle and more sparkles. 
Marilyn Monroe was right, diamonds are a girl's best friend! Whether it is on a white gold band from Tiffany's or just a manicure, let 'm shine!

November 21, 2012

Look of the Day "Spiked Lotus"

Today just an easy outfit! But the necklace and spikes make it just more then just casual. I totally love these coated jeans they sell now at zara. It just gives it that extra touch. The necklace is from h&m who has got a great selection of statement necklaces that fit any outfit! 

{Jumper - Julie a/w '12'13}
{Coated jeans - Zara a/w '12'13}
{Shoes - Zara a/w '11'12}
{Clutch - Primark a/w '12'13}
{Necklace - H&M a/w '12'13}
{Sunglasses - Asos a/w '11'12}

November 19, 2012

Look of the Day "Glam-up my Knit"

I am over my heels in love with this burgundy knit from Primark. It's one of the greatest winter buys, the colour is great as well as the pattern and it's nice, warm and cosy. I have worn it already several times, and this are some outfit pics of me wearing this great knit last week and how you can glam up an easy knit by adding some metallics and sparkles. Always works! Hope you guys like it!

{Knitted Jumper - Primark a/w '12'13}
{Jeans - Zara a/w '12'13}
{Shoes - Mango a/w '11'12}
{Clutch - Zara '12'13}
{Necklace - Primark a/w '12'13}
{Sunglasses - Asos a/w '11'12}

November 15, 2012

{ In the Military }

Today I bring you a great inspirational post about how to wear the latest military trend. These are my favourite pictures. I hope they can give you ideas on how to style your cameo print. Fashion is not about rules, fashion is about fun!

November 11, 2012

Look of the Day "Dangerous Talk"

Hi guys!
How was your week? Did you have a nice weekend? I did! My boyfriend and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary! We went out for dinner and a movie on friday and yesterday we spent the day in Dusseldorf. We had a great time and I feel sad the weekend is almost coming to and end. I always enjoy spending time at home with my loved ones!
This week I wore this outfit below. I finally wore my camo jacket and decided to pair it with one of my favourite t-shirts! I wore this t-shirt as well a few months earlier, as you can see in this post.

{Camo jacket - Zara a/w '12'13}
{Jeans - Zara a/w '12'13}
{T-Shirt - LaLa Style a/w '11'12 / bought in Hong Kong}
{Clutch - bought in Shanghai}
{Shoes - Marni x H&M capsule collection}
{Necklace - H&M a/w '12'13}
{Sunglasses - FrouFrou's s/s '12}

November 7, 2012


Hi guys! I know it's been a while, so here is a big fat instagram update of what I've been up to the past month! A mix of travel, work, home, food and fashion, hope you guys like it!

{8am @ rainy Schiphol Airport #Escapingdutchweather}

{Hello, Goodmorning sunny Muscat! #Viewfrommyroom}

November 4, 2012

Look of the Day "Skulls"

Today I finally wore some of my recent hauls. I totaly fell in love with this lovely skull print and decided to give it a warm winter feel with velvet. What do you think of these burgundy velvet heels and burgundy velvet sunglasses? Aren't they great! What do you think of this look? And what is your opinion on skull prints and velvet items?

{Shirt - Zara a/w '12'13}
{Jeans - Zara a/w '12'13}
{Shoes - H&M a/w '12'13}
{Clutch - Primark a/w '12'12}
{Sunglasses - Asos a/w '11'12}
{Necklace - bought in Hong Kong}

I found this great studded clutch when I walked into Manchester's Primark, it's a cheaper version from the Zara one, how great is that! 

Enjoy your weekend and have a wonderfull day!
-xoxo- Lolita

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