May 31, 2012

{48 hours in Calgary}

In a bit I'll be heading back to the airport. Below an impression of my 48 hours in the city of Calgary.

{Approaching the coast of Greenland}

May 30, 2012

{Arrived in Calgary}

I arrived in Calgary yesterday and just woke up after a bad night of sleep. Before heading to breakfast I love snoozing in my bed and browse through the newest edition of the dutch Vogue which I picked up in the airport before I left! I wanted to share two snapshots from a great editorial they run. I love the contrast of the western glamour against the middle-eastern background, love how it clashes yet works great! I think it gives the pictures more depth. But maybe that is personal, because the middle-east and north african countries have always intrigued me, like these 1001 nights atmosphere puts a spell on you! Or maybe I've just watched Disney's Aladin too many times as a kid ;-)

{Cover of Dutch Vogue's newest edition}

May 29, 2012

Look of the day "Crystals"

Today I'd like to show you these pictures of an outfit that I wore last week. Can't imagine wearing it now with the hot sunny weather we are having. Unfortunately I caught a cold and wasn't feeling to well these days. Nevertheless it meant wearing bikin's, shorts and tops, love it, finally summer!!

{Pants & Jumper - H&M} - {Top & Necklace - H&M trend} - 
{Shoes - Supertrash} - {Bracelets - Accessorize}

I love the combination of neons with black and white and the crystal bib adds the perfect touch! Still so in love with these Supertrash cut-out heels!

Have a great day! I hope it's just as sunny at your place as it is here!
xoxo Lolita

May 27, 2012

{24 hours in Toronto}

Below an impression of my short stay in Toronto this week. In fact I had 34 hours to spent there and the weather was great! Hope you'll like it! I love the city for it's great variety of areas and the laidback atmosphere. If you ever have the chance it's worth to pay a visit! Especially in this season!

May 25, 2012

Look of the day "Pretty in pastels"

Finally summer starts to kick in over here, so I carefully opted for a variety of pastels to enjoy this beautifull sunny day! It is the first time I got to wear this yellow sheer and lace top which I bought a few months ago. The blazer is from zara but bought like more then 5 years ago, I've always loved the colour, the fabric and the model of this blazer. It has a beautifull collar and a straight almost A-line fit which always adds elegance to an outfit! I love the way the chunkieness of the necklace looks against the soft lacy fabric, making the rose-coloured metal match the peachy skinny jeans!

{Blazer, Jeans and Top - Zara} - {Shoes - BCBGMaxAzria} - {Necklace - H&M}

These shoes are from 5 years ago, rarely worn but love them a lot. I bought them in Barcelona together with a lovely long dress for a special event. The shade of brown is perfect matched with my minty pastel polished toenails! What do you think of this outfit? Do you still wear items you bought years ago? I do a lot, sometimes I don't wear them for over 2 years and then start wearing it again. That is why I never live by the rule: 'Thing you haven't worn over a year should be thrown/given away, because you're not going to wear them anyway'. What do you think?

May 24, 2012

{Liebster Award}

Hi guys! I received my second award last week from fellow blogger Amor. I am so excited and really appreciate her for being so kind to think of me and my blog, it really means a lot to me! This award is a  great way to get to know the person behind the blog a bit better! Please check out Amor's lovely blog Glamoroza, I'm sure you'll love it just as much as I do!!

May 23, 2012

Look of the day "Tropicana"

After creating the previous inspirational post {Fashion goes Tropicana}, I felt I had to wear my tropical printed pants again yesterday! I really love wearing them. However, this time I decided to dress it down with a sheer black polka dot shirt to make the accessories pop. I love the subtle elegance sheer fabrics give, like these fishnet Supertrash shoes and the Zara shirt, the dots on it make it even more feminine. I wore these tropical printed zara pants in wto previous posts, (see here) and (see here).

{Shirt, Pants & Necklace - Zara} - {Shoes - Supertrash} - {Clutch - H&M}

May 22, 2012

{Fashion goes Tropicana}

I totally adore this tropicana trend, it's like florals gone wild! It really makes me long for these hot summer days, I would definetly want some of these pieces in my wardrobe, like right now!

May 21, 2012

Look of the day "Pastel flowers"

Thanks you guys, for all your sweet comments! I really like reading them! This month my boyfriend and I celebrated our 4,5 year anniversary. I can't believe time flies so fast, although somewhere it feels like we've known each other all our life. I am happy to share my life with such a wonderfull person and wish for many more years to come!
That evening we had a lovely dinner at our favourite Japanese restaurant, did I already mention how much I love Japanese food? A lot, haha! I chose this casual chic outfit. Since I was in a romatic mood I really felt like wearing soft colours. They soft grey and pink colours and floral pattern work perfectly and the contrasting black back side gave it an edge.

{Jeans & Shirt - Zara} - {Shoes - bought in Shanghai} - {Clutch - H&M}

May 20, 2012

{Versatile Blogger Award}

Many thanks to Larissa from Stay Dreamy blog for nominating me for the Vesatile Blogger Award !! :) It's my first blog award nomination, thank you!

May 19, 2012

{24 hours in Abu Dhabi}

Below some snapshots of my short visit to Abu Dhabi. I was planning to go outside and do some sightseeing but decided to stay in and just relax on the poolside with a bunch of magazines. There is always an other time ;-) 

{Upon arrival @ Abu Dhabi airport}

May 18, 2012

Look of the day "Golden buttons everywhere"

Hi everyone, happy friday! It means it is almost weekend! Do you have any plans? I almost forgot to show you this outfit, that I wore this week, again with my favourite box clutch. You probably noticed that I am kind of crazy about the florals prints that are really showing up everywhere this season. What better to get you in the mood for spring and summer than lovely flowers. I love them, wether it's a fresh bouquet dressing up my dinner table or printed on one of my garments. Anywhere is fine by me, it always lifts my mood up!

{Shirt - Circle / Korean brand} - {Skirt & Shoes - Zara} - {Clutch & Necklace - H&M}

Have a great start of your weekend!
xoxo Lolita

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May 17, 2012

I'd love to wear "The heat is on"

Yesterday I arrived in Abu Dhabi. Finally somewhere were the temperature is nice and hot. Today I am not going to do anything special since it is too hot for sightseeing, I will just stay at the pool with a bunch of good magazines. However I will take a few snapshots and post them soon.

Just wanted to show you a look perfect to wear for an evening out. I totally love the combination of yellow and black, and using a sheer top makes it perfect for summer weather. With these great wedges you'll be able to last all night without having sore feet. I totally love this look and would love to have every item (except the earrings which I already have).

The heat is on

{Shirt - Mango} - {Skirt - Twenty8Twelve} - {Shoes - Werelse x Mango Touch} - {Clutch - Zara}
 - {Bracelets - Ashley Pittman} - {Earrings - Marni x H&M}

I'll get back to all your comments around this weekend! Have a great day!

xoxo Lolita

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May 16, 2012

Look of the day "In the fields"

As promised yesterday, I'll show you the outfit that I wore last sunday on Mother's day. Unfortunately my parents left on a holiday, so I celebrated it with my mom a day earlier. On sunday we spent the day with my inlaws. The weather was great and we got to sit outside and had italian for dinner.

{Blazer & Necklace - H&M} - {Jeans & Shirt - Zara} - {Shoes - Primark} - 
{Clutch - Vintage / bought in London}

I'm on my way to Abu Dhabi now, don't know about the internet there so it might be quiet from my side.
Have a great day!

xoxo Lolita

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May 15, 2012

{My little pony inspired nails}

I just realized that my nails remind me of the sparkly my little pony I used to play with as a child. With the lilac colour and the mother of pearl coloured sparkles. My favourite pony was indeed the lilac one with the icecream on it's bum cheeck, that would smell of vanilla when you rubbed it. Thinking of it brings up some good childhood memories! Do you have any nice ones you'd like to share?

{My favourite 'My lillte pony'}

{My little pony inspired nails // Essie's 'Lilacism' & 'Shine of the Times'}

{New goodies}

Accessories are always great to dress up any outfit. They really make an outfit stand out and don't need to be expensive. This season H&M has a great collection, which ofcourse results in me wanting to have it all, haha, not a good thing. I use to be all about the big statement earrings but my love has shifted over to necklaces, especially bib-necklaces. Nailpolish is another big love as it comes to accessorizing. Since you can match you nails as well as use contrasting colours to give your total look that extra something! See below some of my recent purchases. Looking forward on wearing them soon!

{Crystal bib-necklace from H&M trend}

May 14, 2012

Look of the day "Unchain my heart"

Hi everyone! Did you have a good weekend? Celebrated mother's day? Luckily today is a great day with finally lots of sun, so just a quick outfit post, because I'm going outside and finally absorb some of those much needed sun beams! As you can see I am wearing my favourite grey skinnies, again, yes I know, I just love them, I'm thinking about getting a second pair in case these wear off! They are just so easy to match with anything! This is kind of a neon punk outfit with the heart made of chains, neon pink plastic bib necklace and cut-out fishnet heels. I love this short blazer because of the great shoulder applications. I am not sure if you can tell from the pictures, but they remind me of those short embelished jackets the Spanish matadores wear.

{Blazer - H&M trend} - {Jeans & t-shirt - Zara} - {Shoes - Supertrash} - 
{Bib necklace & Clutch - H&M}

May 13, 2012

{Favourite shopping places in Toronto}

Hi guys! I just wanted to show you a few shops I always like to check out when I am in Toronto. They're a mix a budget friendly and more expensive ones, but great to browse for inspiration! Since I am still awake due to my jetlag, I decided to post them right now. I'll show my purchases later on this week. Enjoy the rest of your weekends as will I!

{Cute dogs in the Zara window display}

May 12, 2012

{24 hours in Toronto}

{Streets of Toronto by night}

Look of the day "Safari chic"

Hope you're having a great start of your weekends! I am on my way to the airport now and ready to fly back home now, looking forward on spending the weekend home with my sweetheart! Nothing better then quality time with the persons that matter in your life! I will probably reply to your comments in the beginning of next week, I won't forget you guys! And ofcourse some pictures I took during my stay here in Toronto will appear on the blog soon, including my a few purchases I made. Hope you like this outfit! I do!

{Shirt - Flash / Korean brand} - {Jeans & Shoes - Zara} - {Clutch - Primark} - 
{Necklace - bought in Hong Kong}

As you can see I am wearing another Hong Kong found gem from Flash, a Korean brand.  I love the quality and the print, it reminds me of the prints from dolce & gabbana. I feel it's very feminine, elegant but sexy. You can see me wearing this shirt as well in this post (see here). And I wore the pastel coral coloured jeans before in this post (see here).

May 11, 2012

Look of the day "Preppy flower"

Hi guys! I just woke up in Toronto and still feel tired, I'll probably take it slow today. I wanted to post this outfit yesterday but couldn't due to the lack of time. I'll post some pictures of my stay here this weekend! I'll try to get a bit more sleep. Enjoy your friday, as for most people it means that their weekend is soon starting! Thank you again for your comments and follows! I always read evrything and take the time to visit your blog, sometimes it just takes me a few days, I can't always reply directly, just so you know!

{Blouse - You Kki} - { Skirt & Shoes - Zara} - {Necklace - H&M} - 
{Clutch - bought in Hong Kong}

This blouse is from a lovely Korean brand. It was a gift from my mother and mother in law, when we were visiting Hong Kong. I love it because of the black details and the scalloped collar, it makes it special and has this preppy schoolgirl look. The skirt from Zara was a great purchase, I love the cut and the print. It is actually one of my favourite skirts this season.  I wore this skirt before in this post (see here).

Happy friday!
xoxo Lolita

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May 8, 2012

Look of the day "Sequins and Yellow"

First of all I would like to thank all my followers!!
I have reached 200 followers on GFC and almost 120 on bloglovin, can you believe it?! I apreciate it a lot and it gives me great joy to see my blog grow step by step. Who could have believed that after 2 months I would be at this point! It gives me a lot of positive energy and I enjoy reading every comment! 
I always try to visit your blogs, sometimes because of work and because I am not home all the time I might get a bit behind, but I always visit each of your blogs, even though I don't always comment, but I do try! I really love to see what each one is creating on their blog and it always inspires me, so thank you all! 
I hope you keep following me and that I may welcome more followers in the future!

{Jeans & Top - Zara] - {Blazer - Mango / my sister's} - {Shoes - Marni x H&M} - 
{Box clutch - H&M} - {Necklace - my sister's}

Since it's a sunny day today let's go yellow! I wanted to wear this sequined blazer which I borrowed from my sister and decided to match it with yellow when I saw this older Zara top. Just realized my lovely yellow box clutch would match great with this and adding the ripped jeans to the sequins, just made this outfit wearable by day! I hope you all have a great day, I am going out now and enjoy the sun!

xoxo Lolita

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May 7, 2012

Look of the day "Dutch Lips"

Happy monday everyone! Finaly I'm off, so this is actually my weekend. Today I had a sudden crave for neons, since it is mega spirit uplifting! One look at this month dutch Vogue and I knew what I wanted to wear, a great T-shirt I bought in Hong Kong this February and that reminded me of Lara Stone. The lips, the small gap between her front teeth and seen the neon pink lipstick matches the neon pink Vogue letters on this cover edition, I was sure this couldn't be a coincidence!

{Jeans - Zara} - {T-shirt - Lalala Style / Korean brand} - {Blazer - Zabara / Korean brand} - 
{Shoes - Primark} - {Necklace and Clutch - H&M} - {Earrings - Aldo}

This blazer with the leather lapels is just perfect to give some more edge to this look. These wedges are perfect for this summer and that for only 12 pounds! Actaully this look consist of items from all over the world. The t-shirt and blazer where bought in Hong Kong, my favourite grey skinny jeans were bought in Barcelona, the necklace and clutch in Holland, the neon wedges in Manchester and the earrings in Calgary and come to think, the nailpolish was bought in Toronto. Yeez I didn't realize it but it's quite an all over the world outfit ;-)

May 5, 2012

{Magazines & new goodies}

I wish I didn't have to work this weekend. I'll just take advantage while travelling with the train to read my favourite magazines. Always get inspired by their stories and photo shoots! This morning I photographed some accessories that I bought at H&M lately. They have a great and diverse collection which makes it difficult to choose!

{Marie Claire - Elle - Grazia - Vogue Nederland}

May 4, 2012

Look of the day "Neo Dots"

It's weekend! Unfortunately that still means I'll have to work the next two days. But for the ones that are off; Enjoy, relax, take some time for yourself, spent some time with family and friends but always taking care of yourself! Monday it's on again and it will take 5 days before you have time to do all the stuff you like again! Since I'm still working I'll just post this outfit I wore last week. I almost forgot about it, haha. I really like wearing this neon sweater from H&M trend, like I wore before here and the beaded collar worn here.

{Sweater - H&M trend} - {Skirt - H&M} - {Shoes - Mango} - 
{Beaded collar - bought in Hong Kong}

However I decided to make a rather unusual combination which I personally liked a lot. It's a bit edgy and defenitely not low profile, but who cares nowadays, right. Fashion is about wearing the things YOU like, without thinking about other people's opinion. Most people need a few seasons to get used to stuff anyway.
Well before I bore you to death with all my words and opinions; have fun and enjoy your weekends!!

xoxo Lolita

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May 3, 2012

Recipe of the day: Avocado & tomato salad

A few days ago I improvised with some ingredients I had at home and create a delicious meal to my surprise! I loved it so much, I felt I had to share this with you, since it is a great summer salad. Besides the salad I decided to grill some pork satay and chicken. I recommend you try this recipe at home and let me know if you liked it!

Ingredients for the salad:
- Small organic tomatoes (4pc p/p)
- A large avocado each
- Peper and salt (I love fresh grounded)
- A good olive oil (I used orange flavoured olive oil - bought at Oil & Vinegar)
- White balsamic vinegar
- A blend of tuscany herbs
- Balsamic sirup

May 2, 2012

Look of the day "Queen of Orange"

As promised, the pictures from my outfit during Queensday. In the end I decided to choose a casual chic outfit that would be great for during the day as well as for my besties b-day dinner party at night! As you can see I opted for several orange details like the shoes and the pastel orange knit as well as a nice orange shade nailpolish. That way you are still dressed in orange for queensday without making a fool of yourself and still be stylish!

{Jacket, Jeans and Shoes - Zara} - {Knitted sweater - Vero Moda} - 
{Necklaces - Mango (borrowed from my sister) and H&M} - {Clutch - bought in Hong Kong}

May 1, 2012

Look of the day "Print on Print"

Luckily the weather is treating us nice today in Holland, what better reason then to go completly overboard with spring- and summertime prints! Well that is exactly what happened with my outfit today, haha! I really like the specific print on this Zara shirt. The print is actually inspired from the current Stella McCartney s/s12 collection. Well more like a rip-off for less then a quarter of the original price with a great silky quality.
I wore this shirt before in one of the 'Look of the day' posts (see here) as well as these printed pants (see here).

{Shirt, pants & Shoes - Zara} - {Sunglasses - H&M}

I've got to say, you either love it or hate it. I like it, and it shows that you can match different prints together. Because both prints alreasy draw enough attention, I didn't wear any accessories and just simple black sandals with it.

xoxo Lolita

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