August 30, 2012

Look of the Day "Sweet Pink"

This outfit is a mix of soft and sweet pink tones, with some rosé gold and floral touches. Wearing it with my all time favourite grey skinnies I was good to go. 

{Blazer, Jeans, Shirt & Shoes - Zara} - {Clutch - H&M}

The blazer was a beautifull borrow from my sister, lucky me! We have the same taste, this usually results in us buying exact the same items. But whenever we already know we like something and one of us already has it, it would be a shame to buy it double, since we can always borrow from each other! When I was younger and still lived at home I wasn't always so thrilled about this advantage since I was always looking for stuff that disappeared in my sisters closet. But now every once and a while we try to benefit from each others hauls. 

Have a great day!
xoxo Lolita

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August 28, 2012

Look of the Day "Tangerine Dream"

A great day to pull out my summer favourites; neon tangerine, floral print and peplum shapes. Toss it all together in a bowl and mix it up. Then add some seasoning with a neon statement necklace and some great sunnies from Froufrou's and you'll get the look below. I love it, what about you?

{Shirt, Skirt & Shoes - Zara} - {Necklace - H&M} - {Sunglasses - FrouFrou's} - {Clutch - Vintage}

August 27, 2012

Look of the Day "Pastel mint & Acid yellow"

Yesterday the weather was a bit fresher, so I decided to pull out this great neon blazer (Thanks to my lovely sister) and combine the yellow neon shade with an all pastel mint outfit. What do you think?

{Blazer, Jeans & Shoes - Zara} - {Top - H&M trend} - {Clutch - H&M} - {Necklace - Mango}

August 26, 2012

Look of the Day "Over the Polkadot"

Today I created a look with this lovely t-shirt that I bought recently at Together with some distressed jeans and turqoise heels I think it looks perfect. It a basic tee, but the polkadot shoulders/sleeves, give it just that little extra! You can find this loose t-shirt with chiffon dotted sleeves here. I love webshops because you can browse through all these great items and then create your own wishlist and order from there, sometimes it's a little addictive ;-), especially when they offer 20% off your first order!

{Jeans & Shoes - Zara} - {Shirt - Oasap} - {Necklace - Accessorize} - 
{Clutch - bought in Hong Kong}

Have a great day!
xoxo Lolita

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August 24, 2012

Look of the Day "Scarf Print"

Today it´s my lovely boyfriend´s birthday, luckily he´s working at home today, so I can already treat him with freshly baked goodies. And at night we will celebrate it together, no fuss, just the two of us this year!
This is an outfit that I wore last week, with my long wished for neon heels! Hope you´ll like it! 

{Shirt & Shoes - Zara} - {Shorts - H&M trend} - {Clutch - bought in Shanghai} - 
{Necklace - bought in Hong Kong}

August 23, 2012

Look of the day "Stripes & Peplum"

Yesterday I wore this great striped peplum top from Zara which I found in sale. I had been looking for it a while but never got to see it in stores, untill I saw some stripes peeking through a huge pile of clothes. It combines to favourites; stripes & peplum. I gave this classical print a futuristic update with the neon-yellow statement necklace from H&M. Curious to hear what you feel about this look!

{Jeans, Top & Shoes - Zara} - {Necklace & sunglasses - H&M} - {Clutch - bought in Shanghai}

August 20, 2012

Look of the day "Flowers on the edge of Gold"

Happy monday guys!
I just returned from Shanghai this morning and have a major jet leg with a huge headache! That is the downside of always travelling, every job comes with advantages and disadvantages! I wanted to show you this outfit that I wore last week, it is one of my favourite skirt looks! And as you can see I finally found these black/gold heeled beauties during the sale period at Zara! Do you remember these from my black shoe wishlist post!! The skirt and shirt are from the s/s 12 collection and the clutch is from a few years ago.
What do you think of the upgraded floral glam look with a touch of peplum?

{Necklace - H&M} - {All other items - Zara}

August 17, 2012

Look of the day "Coral Temptation"

Hi guys, How have you all been! Things are pretty hectic around here, but luckily the weather treated us well ;-) So I got to enjoy some summer temperatures. 

Since I am going on holiday in september I am spending all my spare time in the gym. Unfortunately a bikini body doesn't come overnight as a surpise, I wish!! So to enjoy the beach and all the nice food and beverages on vacation I have to turn up the amount of workouts. 
I actually started with spinning classes this week. I was always afraid to try so because I heard it was so heavy that I thought I'd be impossible for me to get through, but after trying it twice I think I might be hooked, the music is great and at the end your proud for enduring and you get this amazing energy boost, so I would really recommend it to anyone! 
Just picture Doutzen Kroes's body as a goal and you'll get through those classes, haha. Although it might take me years to achieve that goal, but hey, there's nothing wrong with having dreams, is there? Well I wish you all a great weekend, get to back to you after the weekend! Hope you'll like the outfit post below!

{Top & jeans - Sutherland} - {Shoes - Zara} - {Clutch - H&M} - {Necklace - Forever 21}

Have a great weekend!!
xoxo Lolita

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August 16, 2012

Look of the day "Colourblocking"

To my surpise there was a package waiting for me when I got home from fashion webshop Oasap! They have a wide range of clothing styles and I picked this colourfull top. Especially in summertime when your skin is bronzed it looks great with the orange/tangerine colour! You can find this shirt when clicking on this link to the contrast medium sleeve loose blouse!
To give it this hot summer look I decided to pair it with warm colours. Curious to hear what you think about this outfit!
For all new customers Oasap offer a 20% discount, see the banner on the right if you are interested.

{Top - Oasap} - {Pants - Zara} - {Shoes - Aldo} - {Necklace - H&M} - {Clutch - Vintage}

August 14, 2012

Look of the day "Hawaii Five-O"

Not only is it one the television shows I like to watch it is also a tropical place which is translated to the print on this skirt! All it needs is some sunlight yellow (clutch) and beautifull ocean and turqoise blue (shoes) and some ethnic statement necklaces to complete the Hawaii vibe, and I'm ready to go! What do you think??

{Knitted top, skirt & shoes - Zara} - {Clutch - H&M} - {Necklaces - River Island and bought in Shanghai}

Have a great day!
xoxo Lolita

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August 11, 2012

Look of the day "Ombre & colours"

Hi guys,
I am sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I have been really occupied and unfortunately don't have more then 24 hours in a day. Sometimes I wish I had so I could do all the things I liked, but like we all know, nowadays everybody is busy and has a lack of time to realize all their dreams. Since I have a full time job and don't always have acces to internet, I can't always update my blog and more important leave a comment on yours, although I always read them! 
I hope you keep coming back and visit my blog. If you have any wishes or ideas for posts you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments below! Thank you all for reading, following and commenting!! Make me happy everytime!
Below one of my latest outfits I wore last week, hope you like it!

{Jeans & shirt - Zara} - {Necklaces & clutch - H&M} - {Shoes - bought in Shanghai}

Have a lovely weekend!!
xoxo Lolita

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August 9, 2012

Look of the day "Garden"

This is one of my easy summer outfits. Lately  I am definitly seeing a colour pattern in my outfits. I keep falling for the colour yellow, either plain yellow or acid neon yellow. What do you think of this colour? I decided to pair some yellow items with my tropical pants from Zara.

{T-shirt, sleeveless blazer & pants - Zara} - {Shoes - Primark} - {Necklace - bought in Hong Kong}

August 7, 2012

{Leopard close-up}


{Knitted jumper - H&M trend} - {Denim jacket & Skirt - River Island} - {Shoes - Zara} - {Clutch - Werelse x Mango Touch} - {Bracelets - Ashley Pittman}  

This would be the perfect outfit for me today ;-)

Have a great day!
xoxo Lolita

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August 1, 2012

Look of the day "Vietnam Jungle"

I totally forgot to post this outfit picture from two weeks ago! It's one of my favourites, just my fav jeans with a nice floral top and then my sleeveles vest, just ideal for day to day activities! What do you think?

{Jeans, Sleeveless vest, Shirt - Zara} - {Shoes - Supertrash} - 
{Clutch - bought in Hong Kong} - {Necklace - bought in Shanghai}

Have a great day!
xoxo Lolita

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