December 30, 2012

{ Almost Midnight }

What would I wear monday? If it was even possible to have these delivered to me before that date, I would defenitely buy this gorgeous pick's! If it was up to me I would wear the outfit below to dance the night away and countdown to midnight!

{ Almost Midnight }

{Sequin top - Hoss Intropia} - {Skirt - Topshop} - {Shoes - Topshop} - 
{Clutch -} - {Necklace - Asos}

December 24, 2012

{ Merry Christmas }

Dear readers,

I would like to wish you all a great and merry christmas. May these days be filled with joy and happiness spend with your families and remember your loved ones that can't be there with you to celebrate, they won't be forgotten. Ofcourse loads of delicious food and too many sweets, these are the days that you are allowed to enjoy even more ;-)
Thank you for visiting and supporting my blog, without all of you I wouldn't be here, I enjoy all your sweet comments, thank you and I will get back to you soon!

I'm ready and off to celebrate, cheers!

-xoxo- lorena

December 23, 2012

{ All that glitters is not Gold }

Happy Sunday!!
I just created a new collage of what I would love to wear these coming days! As you can see, plenty of glitters and plenty of gold and rhinestones, perfect I would say ;-)
I hope you guys like it and perhaps give a new idea if you still hadn't figured out what to wear these days! Enjoy the rest of your sunday as will I too. Tonight we'll be going to see the new movie 'The Hobbit' in 3d. Has anyone of you already seen it, and did you like it? I'm almost sure I will, since I always loved all the Lord of the Rings movies as well!

{ All that glitters is not Gold }

December 22, 2012

{ Black X-mas }

Hi everyone!
Today another (A little last minute) option for your christmas decoration is the colour black. Either a black tree or just black ornaments can give you interior just that extra splash of defintion. It's a bold and modern option that gives a chic and elegant touch. I actually like the upside down christmas tree a lot! I would defenitely like to try this once. for now I'll just stick to my traditional pine tree, which is actually still not finished yet. This year I'm a bit behind on schedule with a lot of things, but no worries, once finished it will look perfect ;-) I'm actually going for the white/silver/red tree!

December 21, 2012

{ Electric Blue }

A perfect holdiday festive weekend look for a night out on the town! Simple with a twist! I have this great Asos clutch myslef and haven't worn it yet. So I decided to create a look that wouldmatch this great clutch, hope you'll like it!

{ Deep blue Night }

December 19, 2012

{ Christmas Nail'spiration }

Happy wednesday everyone!
Still 4 days left to christmas! Have you already figured out what to do with your nails? Perhaps these pictures may give you some creative inspiration. My personal favourite and most wearable one is the first one, however I love the others as well since they are so cute!! Maybe an option for during the day? Just scroll down and find out yourself!

December 16, 2012

{ Dreaming of a White X-mas }

The one thing that would make christmas even more magical is waking up that day and looking outside your window and see that everything turn white and is covered in snow. Ever since I was a kid the song; I'm dreaming of a white christmas holds fond memories. I can't help it but white in combination with twinkling lights or candles has something magical. White is the colour of purity, clean and fresh. I think these meanings are perfect for the end of the year. Don't we all see this time as a moment to stand still and think about our last year and remember all the good things as well as some difficulties we may have overcome or losing loved ones. But also as a moment of a fresh start because the new year is just around the corner, waiting for us as a clean slate. The perfect colour for this feeling is white. Below I wanted to share with you some beautifull white christmas decorations, even if your ornaments and decoration aren't white, I still wish you all a magical holiday season! 

December 15, 2012

{ Gold & Schwarz }

Happy weekend!
If anything is festive for the holiday season then it must be the combination of black and gold. It's a classic combination that always works! Below I show you my proposal for a holiday party outfit combining both colours. It's a lot of shimmer and glitter and it might be too much for some of you. But for me it can never be too much during this season! You can wear it like this at night for a party or fancy cocktail party, or for an evening dinner with some high dernier black thights or stockings and a nice chunky black knit to balance the look! I hope this will inspire you to decide what you'll wear this holiday season.
{ Gold & Schwarz }

December 13, 2012

{ Animal print Accessories }

I wanted to share some more pictures related to leopard print fashion. These are some of my favourite pictures with leopard print accessories, hope they'll inspire!

December 12, 2012

{ Black Nail'spiration }

Happy wednesday!
How about a big bunch of mid-week nail inspiration to get through the week ;-) Black is always a popular option during this season. The pictures below show you different styles all achieved with a base of black nailpolish. I alway like black for it's chic and sophisticated look but also giving a grunge feeling!

December 10, 2012

Look of the Day "Cat on a Leash"

Happy Monday!
Did you all have a great weekend? It was a magical weekend here! The snow turned everything in a big white wonderland and with the heating on indoors with good christmas music and a bunch of movie's it was a perfect relaxing weekend. My outfit on the other hand is a bit wilder ;-) I wore this last week. As you could tell from my previous post, I really love a good animal print. Seeing this shirt at zara, you can imagine it was sure I was taking it home with me! And I am still glad I did! I love these wedged ankle booties from Mango, they provide the perfect double wild effect ;-)

{Shirt - Zara a/w '12'13}
{Coated Jeans - Zara a/w '12'13}
{Shoes - Mango a/w '11'12}
{Clutch - Zara a/w '12'13}
{Necklace - H&M s/s '12}
{Cuffs - H&M a/w '12'13}
{Sunglasses - Asos a/w '11'12}

December 7, 2012

{ Walk on the wild side }

Happy friday everyone!
I present you a big dose of wild inspiration to start your weekend! I always like a good animal print, it always looks stylish if worn right with the right accessories! I hope you like it!

December 6, 2012

{ Red & White Christmas Inspiration }

Today, the 6th of december St. Nicolaas (Dutch Santa Claus) is on it's way back to Spain. So it is officially allowed to jump right in to anything that's related to christmas. Besides the cheesy but great christmas songs (I really like them, they always cheer me up!) is time to decorate our house and prepare for the christmas season and festivities! My favourite part, especially anything that includes tons of small lights! Red and white are the most traditional colours used for christmas decoration. I just wanted to share a few pictures with you for inspiration. I'm not sure what colour theme I'll pick, but I've still got a few days to think it over! And what will you guys be doing?

December 5, 2012

{ Style Crush - Olivia Palermo }

One of my all-time style crushes is still Olivia Palermo. Besides her bambi eyes and beautifull physics she has an incredible sense of style. I cannot imagine her ever wearing comfy sweatpants. Whenever she leaves her doostep she makes sure her hair and make-up is impecable and her outfits leave us green with envie. If I could choose someone's closet to switch with, it would definetly be hers!

She has a great sense for mix and match. She wears as well designer brands - with whom she is often friends with - as well as a great array of high street brands such as Zara and Topshop and a bunch of great accessories to top it off. Besides that she is one of the few people in the public eye who is not afraid to recycle her wardrobe! Well enough said, let the pictures speak for theirselves!

December 3, 2012

Look of the Day "Miniature Studs"

In this post I show you some pieces I bought last month. I am extremely happy with my big and warm navy wool coat from Zara. I love the small studded details on the sleeves that makes it just more special besides the simple straight cut and gorgeous fold over collar. 
The matching shoes from h&m were actually a coincidence. I went to h&m because I still had a 5 euro gift voucher, and saw these studded flats, just one pair and luckily in my size! They were 19,95 so minus the voucher, I believe I still got a good deal out of it. The best thing is yet to come... once I arrived at the cashier and she scanned the item, the cash register said; 7 euros. So I asked slightly surprised if that was after the deduction from the voucher? Well, the cashier replied, no, with the voucher the total will be..... 2 EUROS!! Can you believe it? Not only had I found something and used the gift voucher, but also was a a perfect match with my new winter coat AND for an incredible bargain! Who said fashion is always about splurging? These small thing really make my day! I hope you guys like the outfit I'm wearing, it's all in the miniature details!

{Coat - Zara a/w '12'13}
{Shirt - Nadia s/s '12, bought in Shanghai}
{Coated Jeans - Zara a/w '12'13}
{Shoes - H&M a/w '12'13}
{Necklace - Zara a/w '12'13}
{Clutch - bought in Shanghai}
{Sunglasses - Zara a/w '12'13}

December 1, 2012

{Studs & Spikes}

A new dose of inspirational pictures are waiting. These days it seems everything comes with studs and spikes in different sizes and styles. I have already incorporated this trend in my wardrobe. Just scroll down these pictures and decide which one you like most. And perhaps you'll get inspired to incorporate some in your daily life. The good thing about this trend is that it is perfect for DIY'S!