December 22, 2012

{ Black X-mas }

Hi everyone!
Today another (A little last minute) option for your christmas decoration is the colour black. Either a black tree or just black ornaments can give you interior just that extra splash of defintion. It's a bold and modern option that gives a chic and elegant touch. I actually like the upside down christmas tree a lot! I would defenitely like to try this once. for now I'll just stick to my traditional pine tree, which is actually still not finished yet. This year I'm a bit behind on schedule with a lot of things, but no worries, once finished it will look perfect ;-) I'm actually going for the white/silver/red tree!



Enjoy your day and thank you for passing by!

-xoxo- Lorena

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{All images from Google pictures}


  1. Die kerstboom ondersteboven had mijn moeder denk ik al 8 jaar geleden een keer gedaan. Toen vond iedereen het nog beetje apart en nu is het echt een trend. Elk jaar probeert ze weer iets nieuws, dit jaar hebben we kerstballen en versiersels van zeepjes, haha.


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  2. Love the idea of black themed decor, it somehow seems more grownup and glamourous. I hadn't seen an upside down tree before, pretty interesting!

  3. wonderful pictures :)

    Marry Christmas!

  4. Preciosa toda la decoración

  5. Black is my favorite colour so black Christmas is such a fun idea!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  6. Nice photos, but I love traditional Christmas tree! :P

    New post on my blog, check it!

  7. Hi dear
    Thanks for your comment some weeks ago on my blog
    So cool all this black on decoration, big like

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

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  9. Amazing!

  10. amazing decor images :) love the black, looks great! Btw, lovely blog, I'm a new follower, if you've time I invite you to visit mine! Merry Christmas :D


  11. Great inspiration!!! Love these colors!

  12. this makes me even more christmassy than ever. even though it makes me hate you with envy :)

  13. Love your blog, it looks like you have a great eye for a style and unique designs!This post is amazing - so unsuall decor for Christmas.
    Would you like to follow each other?

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