March 31, 2012

Streetstyle photographer/Designer Tommy Ton

One of my favourite streetstyle photographers is fashion blogger Tommy Ton, from the blog Jak & Jill. I love the pictures and always get inspired by them! He made a quick side step and designed two handbags, one for women and one for men.

Tommy Ton launched his website Jak & Jil in 2005 and is now one of the top streetstyle photographers. Almost daily he posts streetstyle pictures from all over the world, whom can leave you green with envy sometimes. Since in these pictures the leading characters are always played by models, editors, visitors of Fashion Week and THE fashionista's! Leading ladies on his website are Anna Dello Russo, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Hanneli Mustaparta. Below you can see a few pictures from his blog Jak & Jil.

March 30, 2012

Look of the day "Three Girls on a T"

With the sun shining I felt like wearing some bold colours! A reason to finally wear my polka dot blazer from the Marni for H&M capsule collection, I love the model and the pattern so much!

{Jeans - Zara} - {Tshirt - Lanvin for H&M} - {Blazer - Marni for H&M} - {Shoes - Mango}

I decided to wear the Marni blazer together with the pastel coral coloured skinny jeans from zara and a funny t-shirt like this one from Lanvin for H&M capsule collection made it look more casual. Adding the heels make the outfit less girly and more feminine. I bought these heels last season at Mango and love them for their gold cap toe.

But also this season, however in more pastel colours you will see a lot more of these Cap Toe shoes.
This spring and summer I'm totally hooked on this pastel coloured jeans from zara, I'd really like to get a few other colours! But then again, I'd like to get so many things, but that's not always possible. So I just have to be more patient!

xoxo Lolita

March 28, 2012

Five things that make me happy

Just a post about the simple things that bring joy to someone's life. Today these 5 things lifted up my mood; 

Finally reading the first VOGUE Nederland while the sun is shining!

Colourfull home decoration idea's. Doesn't this room just make you happy?

March 27, 2012

Look of the day "Bright Colours"

I love colours, come to think of it that a few years ago I was an 'all black' girl, the only colours were my accessories. But nowadays wearing colourfull garments makes life a brighter place, it really lifts up my mood. Going through my wardrobe I see it has made a big change in time; the 'all black' section is getting smaller and being overwhelmed by the 'colourfull and prints' section. And to be honest, when looking at this seasons collections in stores, I am afraid it isn't going to stop... (To be continued...)

{Dress - Forever 21} - {Blazer - Zara (borrowed from sister)} - {Shoes - Marni for H&M} - 
{Bag and Necklace - bought in Hong Kong} - {Sunglasses - Miu Miu}

Since it was still a bit chilly I decided to wear this (summer) dress with a blazer and some black tights. And added the nude bag to balance it out. Since my sister is spending some time abroad, she allowed me to snif through her stuff and borrow some items, like this electric blue blazer from Zara. 
I really love these Marni for H&M heels. They are so comfortable, it's actually hard to believe, but they are already my favourite heels this season. Another trend I like a lot is spiked jewelery, this necklace just goes with a lot of clothes I have and really gives it an edge. 

xoxo Lolita

March 26, 2012

Look of the day "Laidback Casual"

This is actually an outfit that I wore a couple of weeks ago. Going through my pictures and trying to organise them I found these and wanted to share wthem with you.

{Jeans, Blazer & Ankle boots - Zara} - {Blouse - Forever 21}

This look is actually the kind of outfit that I quickly pull together when I need to run some errands. I always end up with a similar version; skinny jeans, top, blazer and ankle boots. Always work for me! It is casual but still dressed because of the blazer.

What do you think? Do you have a look you tend to fall back on every time?

xoxo Lolita

ps. Isn't the hello kitty Iphone cover cute?

March 25, 2012

Look of the day "Round & Round"

Yesterday I wore this outfit for dinner. I have always liked anything with dots on it and decided to match it with a red pleated blouse to spice it up. I bought the pleated blouse last summer in Shanghai and hadn't worn it yet. About time to add it to my outfit of the day.

{Blouse - Honey Fashion (bought in Shanghai)} - {Skirt - H&M} - {Shoes - Zara} - 
{Necklace - borrowed from my sister}

Both dots and pleats are classic patterns and shapes but mixed together however gave me a more modern feel. Ofcourse the colours spice this classic look up, adding a pair of good heels and it's done!

xoxo Lolita

March 20, 2012

Look of the day "Palm Springs"

Since spring officially started, I decided to finally pull these lovely tropical printed pants out of the closet. What better to wear these printed pants, then with a simple crisp yellow sweater/cardigan. Hope you like it!

{Pants & Sweater - Zara} - {Shoes - Salvatore Ferregamo} -  
{Clutch - Vintage, bought in Portobello Rd., London}

March 19, 2012

Zara flagshipstore 5th Avenue - New York

Last week Zara opened their gigantic flagshipstore on 5th Avenue from 3.000 square metres, making it the biggest Zara store in the U.S!
This shop is completely different, the interior, no stock and 450 employees! I love the black minimalistic interior and the fact that all the collections are arranged by type. This means that the areas are divided into pastels, black outfits, white outfits etc. How convienient is that?!
This will also be the first store where Inditex introduces to pay via your smartphone, your smartphone converted into your creditcard, so 2012!

Look of the day "Pistachio flowers"

Last week I wore this outfit. My boyfriend surprised me with a dinner at a Japanese restaurant for my birthday! I just love Japanese food, in particular sushi!

{Skirt - Zara} - {Shoes - Mango} - {Knitted sweater - Vero Moda} - {Necklace - H&M}

xoxo Lolita

March 13, 2012

A peek in last months wardrobe

I just came across a few pictures from outfits I wore last month that I'd like to share.

Left: Skinny jeans & shoes - Zara, Shirt - Flash, Vest - Rachel (Both Korean brands)
Right: Skinny jeans - Vero Moda, Shirt & vest - Talk Talk (Korean brand) and Tibetan necklace

Left: Jeans - Zara, Shirt - Ta:il
Right: Jeans - Zara, Blouse - Zara, Cardigan - Asos

Left: Jeans - Zara, Shirt - Zara, Sweater - Warehouse, Necklace - H&M
Right: Jeans - Saint Tropez, Shirt - Zara, Sweater - H&M

xoxo Lolita

March 12, 2012

Marni Mania

Last friday, 8th of march I went down to one of the selected stores for the launch of the Marni for H&M collection. I had a plan; just go for the earrings, necklaces and perhaps one clothing item. Well to tell you the truth things went differently.

Once I entered the shop and fought myself a way through the masses of deluded fashionistas I managed to get a lot of fantastic items from the collection from Marni for H&M. It was crazy, people just grabbing anything they could get their hands on. In 15 min. the clothing racks where completely empty and everybody headed to the fitting rooms.
As soon as I finished I saw people trying to swap sizes or articles with one another, but holding their items close to them! Imagine anyone else would get them, haha! It is difficult to discribe the hysteria that emerges at that moment, you had to be there!

In the end I headed to the cash register with a lot more then I planned and set my budget for. But once you are there in the middle of the Marni Mania all common sense just disappears. Well, it has been a few days now and I must say that even though I am completely broke for the rest of the month, it was worth it! I am still utterly happy with everything that I got!! Looking forward to start wearing these items!

First of all the accessories are amazing. They are real statement pieces and can give a normal outfit just that extra umph. I know I will wear them a lot!

Then the shoes, I really didn't plan to buy these at all, although I already liked them when I saw them. But once in the middle of the hysteria I spotted a single shoe box with my size on it I grabbed it as quick as an eagle. These are mine, mine, mine I thought to myself!

Once I tried them on I was sold, the soft leather and the perfect fit! They also walk very comfortable and stable which I didn't expect, so I had to let go the pink short and printed t-shirt (you can't have everything) and chose these heels instead. As I knew I would wear them a lot since they go well with mostly anything!

And well to be honest, I must confess that have a bit of a shoe obsession, shhhh, don't tell anyone ;-). But then again, which women doesn't?

Below I'll show you the clothes. I am especially very happy with the dress and the blue polkadot jacket, these are lines and prints where Marni is know for and are timeless. They actually have a similar jacket in the collection right now.
Of course the tops are all lovely. Altough it is a collaboration with H&M the quality is higher then I expected. The materials and the fit feel very natural. So I am extremely happy with all my finds.

I am really curious to hear what pieces you like and if you bought something from the Marni for H&M collaboration. I will soon post some of these pieces set together as an outfit!

xoxo Lolita

March 7, 2012

Tommorow Marni for H&M finally in stores

Oh I am getting so excited, tommorow I finally get to see the collaboration from Marni with H&M!

My first introduction to Marni was like 6 years ago. One of my great friends lend me her brandnew gorgeous Marni dress for a gala night. I felt like the queen of the ball, I loved the design and the perfect cut and fit! The label is known for their feminine but funky designs, the use of a grey, beige and blue palette together with bright colours, unusual shapes and mixing different prints.

This is actually the first launch I will be attending. Since I wasn't able to go to the others because I had to work at the time. I do remember the Roberto Cavalli by H&M almost 4 years ago. I spent the entire day on ebay trying to get a piece of the collection, haha. At least I got the ridiculously overpriced snakeskin print dress, but I felt so happy!

Well I am quite curious about the launch, how many people will show up and will I be able to get a hold on my wishlist items? First of all I will try to get a few jewelery pieces. I just love their outspoken design!

I am not sure yet which clothing items I want. There are just too many incredible pieces and prints to choose from! I'll just have to wait and see what tommorow's game plan will bring me!  See below some of my favourite outfits!

Are you planning to get one of these incredible items? I am curious about your choices!

xoxo Lolita

March 6, 2012

Now you can Follow Lolita in the Mix on Bloglovin

From now on you can always be updated on new posts from Lolita in the Mix.

xoxo Lolita

Springtime nails

Today it was the first time since days that the sun finally decided to come around and surprised me with some cheerful beams! Luck is in the small things, right?

Luckilly I can rely on my nailpolishes to create a sense of springtime and happiness. They match perfectly with the 'it-colours' for coming spring and summer fashion collections! Which colour is your springtime favourite?

xoxo Lolita

March 5, 2012

Lolita in the mix goes online!

Hello everyone,
I am Lorena a half Dutch half Spanish fashion and lifestyle blogger and based in the south of Holland.