March 26, 2012

Look of the day "Laidback Casual"

This is actually an outfit that I wore a couple of weeks ago. Going through my pictures and trying to organise them I found these and wanted to share wthem with you.

{Jeans, Blazer & Ankle boots - Zara} - {Blouse - Forever 21}

This look is actually the kind of outfit that I quickly pull together when I need to run some errands. I always end up with a similar version; skinny jeans, top, blazer and ankle boots. Always work for me! It is casual but still dressed because of the blazer.

What do you think? Do you have a look you tend to fall back on every time?

xoxo Lolita

ps. Isn't the hello kitty Iphone cover cute?


  1. sorry love i do follow you now on bloglovin and GFC too

  2. I love your balzer <3

    Love Meroda

    P.s cute blog
    +1 new Follower

  3. Love that blazer. It really does help pull the look together. Super cute!

  4. Oooh that blazer is gorge! LOVE the contrasting lapel, perfect!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  5. great pictures!

  6. i love the blazer - nice phone cover. i got a new cover too and am real thrilled about it - would love for you to check it out

  7. lovely look & the phone cover is cute!

  8. hey thnx sweety i dont know smthing wrong with my site or what its not showing, or may be i missed... followed bk sweety.. following u bloglovin too.. if u want we can follow also on fb... kisses

    1. Lolita, you arent showing on my site too, just the number went up... not sure whats going on.. :) on another note, i really like this outfit! shirt and blazer are so stunning!


    2. No prob, maybe it takes some time, I couldn't see my bloglovin followers going up either?! I dont know if Yuli also follows on blogovin? Anyway thnx for your comments! xoxo


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