March 12, 2012

Marni Mania

Last friday, 8th of march I went down to one of the selected stores for the launch of the Marni for H&M collection. I had a plan; just go for the earrings, necklaces and perhaps one clothing item. Well to tell you the truth things went differently.

Once I entered the shop and fought myself a way through the masses of deluded fashionistas I managed to get a lot of fantastic items from the collection from Marni for H&M. It was crazy, people just grabbing anything they could get their hands on. In 15 min. the clothing racks where completely empty and everybody headed to the fitting rooms.
As soon as I finished I saw people trying to swap sizes or articles with one another, but holding their items close to them! Imagine anyone else would get them, haha! It is difficult to discribe the hysteria that emerges at that moment, you had to be there!

In the end I headed to the cash register with a lot more then I planned and set my budget for. But once you are there in the middle of the Marni Mania all common sense just disappears. Well, it has been a few days now and I must say that even though I am completely broke for the rest of the month, it was worth it! I am still utterly happy with everything that I got!! Looking forward to start wearing these items!

First of all the accessories are amazing. They are real statement pieces and can give a normal outfit just that extra umph. I know I will wear them a lot!

Then the shoes, I really didn't plan to buy these at all, although I already liked them when I saw them. But once in the middle of the hysteria I spotted a single shoe box with my size on it I grabbed it as quick as an eagle. These are mine, mine, mine I thought to myself!

Once I tried them on I was sold, the soft leather and the perfect fit! They also walk very comfortable and stable which I didn't expect, so I had to let go the pink short and printed t-shirt (you can't have everything) and chose these heels instead. As I knew I would wear them a lot since they go well with mostly anything!

And well to be honest, I must confess that have a bit of a shoe obsession, shhhh, don't tell anyone ;-). But then again, which women doesn't?

Below I'll show you the clothes. I am especially very happy with the dress and the blue polkadot jacket, these are lines and prints where Marni is know for and are timeless. They actually have a similar jacket in the collection right now.
Of course the tops are all lovely. Altough it is a collaboration with H&M the quality is higher then I expected. The materials and the fit feel very natural. So I am extremely happy with all my finds.

I am really curious to hear what pieces you like and if you bought something from the Marni for H&M collaboration. I will soon post some of these pieces set together as an outfit!

xoxo Lolita

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