March 7, 2012

Tommorow Marni for H&M finally in stores

Oh I am getting so excited, tommorow I finally get to see the collaboration from Marni with H&M!

My first introduction to Marni was like 6 years ago. One of my great friends lend me her brandnew gorgeous Marni dress for a gala night. I felt like the queen of the ball, I loved the design and the perfect cut and fit! The label is known for their feminine but funky designs, the use of a grey, beige and blue palette together with bright colours, unusual shapes and mixing different prints.

This is actually the first launch I will be attending. Since I wasn't able to go to the others because I had to work at the time. I do remember the Roberto Cavalli by H&M almost 4 years ago. I spent the entire day on ebay trying to get a piece of the collection, haha. At least I got the ridiculously overpriced snakeskin print dress, but I felt so happy!

Well I am quite curious about the launch, how many people will show up and will I be able to get a hold on my wishlist items? First of all I will try to get a few jewelery pieces. I just love their outspoken design!

I am not sure yet which clothing items I want. There are just too many incredible pieces and prints to choose from! I'll just have to wait and see what tommorow's game plan will bring me!  See below some of my favourite outfits!

Are you planning to get one of these incredible items? I am curious about your choices!

xoxo Lolita


  1. arghh i wish we had h&m in Australia!! This capsule collection looks amazing, I'm loving the leather sleeved pieces!


    1. Oh that is too bad! Yeah it is indeed an amazing collection. I saw your blog and liked it! To bad I can't follow it via Bloglovin.



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