December 1, 2013

Statement Jewelry with Free Shipping!

Hi Guys,
December is the month off long dark nights, sparkling christmas lights and decorations, the holiday season! And we all do our utmost best to be fabulously dressed at all these festive events. Shop you fashion statement jewelry now at ISLA LOLITA and give your december outfit (and the rest of the year) that vavavoom! And don't forget that these items will do great as christmas, chanuka or reyes present!

As you can see I offer the entire month of December FREE SHIPPING on all your purchases from 20 euros or more! This offer is valid to all customers in the European Union. The rest of the world gets a 50% discount on their shipping costs!

So don't wait and order now, to receive your purchase in time!

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-xoxo- Lorena


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  2. Sending best Christmas wishes to you and your fantastic blog!
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