October 11, 2012

{ Back online again }

Hello all of you again!!?!..,, if you are still there? And of course hello to all of you who are new to Lolita in the Mix! Welcome back! And thank you for waiting.

So where have I been and what have I been doing?

Well......,, besides my busy work schedule that I've picked up again. I've been reading & surfing the web to keep up with all of the posts, news flashes and latest fashion weeks collections. The world doesn't stand still when you decide to buzz out for a month.

I had the pleasure to catch up on my sleep, relax, worship the sun, and upload my energy level during my long long holiday. I had a lovely holiday of more then 2 weeks on the Turkish coast and enjoyed their great cuisine with some good company!

You can imagine when spending such a late holiday at the end of summer and having enjoyed the Turkish weather it was a big bowl of dissappointment to return back home where I was confronted with Dutch autumn weather! The first week I felt a bit down, looking at my tanned skin and seeing the grey skies outside.
I snuggled up on the couch under these big warm faux fur plaids and had a Dallas 2012 and Switched at Birth marathon (Both new tv-series on Dutch telly). Then decided it was time to get myself together and I made an appointment with my hairdresser and had a big chunck of lenght cut off. Hello new healthy looking mane! With my new Olivia Palermo'esque hairdo and big a/w fashion wishlist, I'm ready to go for whatever this season has coming!

I've been changing, cutting and tweeking on the blog's layout and decided to go for a new fresh and clean start. What do you think; do you like it or did you prefer the previous look?

Hope that you all will be here with me to follow all the new posts on Lolita in the Mix!

As for now; Have a wonderfull day!

-xoxo- Lolita


  1. Hello meid!
    Welkom terug! Dat zal indd wennen zijn geweest van de zon naar de herfst, maar het heeft indd ook zen voordelen....shoppen;)!
    Heb je mijn nieuwe site al gezien? Ik hoop dat je me weer komt volgen.

    Fijne avond!!

    Liefs Lindy

  2. Love posts on this blog!
    Hey nice blog here! Visit mine and let me know what you think, maybe we could follow each other!

  3. Hi sweety, I have missed you and your blog! Welcome back, hope to see many new exciting style and holiday pics from you :)

  4. Welcome back! Oh how I missed your outfit post! :). I like your new layout, it's very refreshing! :)


  5. ¡Qué bien que ya estés de vuelta! Se te echaba de menos.
    Un besito!!



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