July 3, 2012

{48 hours in Mexico City}

Hi guys!
Thank you for all your 'get well' wishes. Luckily I'm feeling better, just stuck with a small cold. Once again, I'm sorry for my long absence, I'm trying to keep up with everytrhing. Below a travel post from my latest trip to Mexico city where I had 48 hours to spend and discover all the beautifull sights. 

Luckilly I had my dear colleague and friend Dewi to rely on, as she was my guide. We had a wonderfull time, did some cultural things, had some great food, bought some nice traditional things at the Cuidadela Crafts market and ofcourse found our way to the Zara, haha. However I managed to not buy or try anything!

As you know Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world, actually the fifth! The most recent numbers of the population in the Mexico City metropolitan area lays around 21 million people! Can you believe it? The city lays on an altitude of 2.420 metres / 7.940 feet, which you notice quite well, you feel tired and kind of jet-lagged.
Well just look at the pictures, I hope you enjoy it!

{The Mexican flag in the middle of el Zócalo also called Plaza de la Constitucion}

{We had a drink on the terrace from the authentic Hotel Majestic with a great view}

{View from the terrace of Hotel Masjestic on the large Cathedral}

{Old mexican lady seling handmade Mexican dolls}

{Beautifully stone carved entrance to the Cathedral}

{The most impressive, beautifull and elaborated altar I've ever seen}

{Cute restaurant in the Cuidadela Crafts Market}

{Mexcian lady making beautifull headbands}

{This is the beautifull headband I eventually bought and my cute pink manicured nails}

{Love all these religious altars and ornaments}

{Beautfull tiles and street sign}

{Only the outside of this musuem of modern contemporary mexican arts ia already worth a picture}

{Street vendor with nice snacks like banana chips}

{Beautfull colonial buildings}

{Mexican chef preparing food}

{Idellic picture made by my friend Dewi}

{Beautfull stairs decorated with these amazing tiles}

{Dewi and I shared some delicous starters in a great restaurant in the neigbourghood Condesa}

{Mexican Créme Bruleé with sweet corn, a delicious desert!}

{The musuem of the ruins of the Templo Mayor de Tenochtitlan founded by the Aztecs}

{Taco stand, can it get more Mexican then this?}

{Old man enjoying som food at one of the streetfood stands}

{Streetfood vendor with a cute old traditional Mexican lady ordering lunch}

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and for all those who've never been there, I hope you gat a good impression of the city and the atmosphere!

Have a great day!
xoxo Lolita


  1. glad you're better now:)
    The picture of the altar is very impressive, and can't but admit the architecture is as beautiful as for instance in Western Europe.


  2. Unas fotos muy lindas! Preciosa ciudad! te sigo por bloglovin :)

    Besos desde


  3. Hi sweety, sorry to hear that you were not well, hope that you are feeling better now. I've only been to Tijuana, not Mexico City but from your photos and experience it seems like a wonderful and colourful place to visit. You're so lucky to have a friend to guide you around. i like how your photos capture the culture of the city

  4. Meid!!
    Wat een heerlijke foto's! Al dat eten, jummmmie!!!!
    Ik wil dolgraag een keer naar Mexico:)!!

  5. Love your photos! I hope you had a great time!
    A's Fashion Files

  6. beautiful pictures! i enjoyed it ♥

    If you have a minute, please check out my blog and follow me if you liked it. I'll appreciate it so much! Thanks!

    $30 RIRE giveaway on my blog

  7. Me encanta Méjico!!Me queda tanto por ver.....

  8. hello my gorgeous friend, so glad to hear you are feeling better, its awful to feel so low, wow what an amazing city i cant beleive that many people live there, great photos, ilove the old woman what a great smile she gave you, bless her, stay well my lovely friend, kisses from dublin xxx leonie

  9. hey, great post and great blog! follow each other??? let me know ok!

  10. amazing phots and great places!!!

  11. the photos are really nice=)


  12. Awesome pics! I adore your blog, is so cute :)



  13. Great pictures! Love your whole blog! Should we follow each other?

  14. I'd love to go to Mexico City one day, this city fascinate me a lot :)


  15. Amaizing pictures and post ^_^


  16. Buenas preciiosa!
    Mil gracias por pasarte
    Me han encantado tus fotos !!
    Adoro viajar (:

    Un besoooote enorme desde

  17. aw looks like a great time, even if it was short! <3

    XO Sahra

  18. Hi gorgeous, I'm glad you are enjoying your summer, unfortunately I'm not as in England just rain. :(

    I love this post great pics. :) xx

  19. Can we please switch? Why does it seem like you're constantly travelling. Here i'll swap you a week with my kids while i go globe trot to foreign destinations. Love these photos, hope you had a great time.

    xx Jenee C.


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